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The Maruto D04 BL Fly Hook is probably the best dry fly hook on the market. This barbless hook was designed long time ago and the special design offers a really great contact with the fish in the fighting time. Maruto was probably the first brand in the fishing world who designed a barbless hook with long point curved inside!

Maruto D04 barbless hook details:

  • Eye -  down
  • Wire - 1x fine
  • Length - standard
  • Bend - wide gape
  • Finish - black nickel forged
  • Point - long and barbless pointed inside
  • Chemically sharpened
  • 25 hooks hand selected/bag - packed and checked by our team
  • price is for one bag!

Maruto fly hooks are very well known in the fly tying word for quality of the steel and very sharp points

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Maruto D04 BL Fly Hook

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