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Finally after long time waiting we can provide for our tiers friends tanned Pine Squirrel Skins!. This is a product very appreciated for guard hair texture and colour. Is more and more difficult to find. The skin is coming from hunters, is carefully selected and tanned and re-selected again. The skin is very soft and easy to work with and tied in strips can be used with a better success then rabbit skins for making small zonkers!
A tier can use the guard hair for making bodies of nymphs, emergers or spiky dry flies. Also is used for dry flies for maxing the thorax part and combined with CDC is absolutely deadly!


- we provide 2  types of skins: red bellied and white bellied. The difference is that the red bellied type is a little bit more larger but the hair and the color of the  body is identical. Only the belly is a different colored

Tying Purpose:

- hair and guard hair is a fantastic material for dubbing and is considered a " must have" for every tier

- skin is tanned, is soft and easy to work with,  perfect for small zonkers dedicated   to hooks down to size #14!

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Troutline Pine Squirrel Skin

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