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Squirrel Hybrid Dubbing is made based on a mix between squirrel and hare mask.
This dubbing contain approx 60% squirrel and is mixed with 40% of Transylvanian Hare mask.
We are very proud of this product and we tested for nymphs, emergers and thorax for different types of dry flies with high success.
The combination between squirrel and hare, dyed and natural, gives a very  nice result. The final look of a fly tied with this dubbing is very nice and buggy in the same time.
Technical Info:
all  the fibers are carefully hand cut with fine scissors
all fibers are from tanned skins
before mixing we carefully wash the fibers in  hot water ( approx 80-90 Celsius degrees), in this way we obtain a very clean and bright dubbing
we carefully air dry the product and we use only air mixing process to keep the fiber integer ( a coffee grinder will cut in pieces the fibers, we don't use it )
perfect for all kind of flies , especially medium and small nymphs, emergers, wet flies and dry flies )

we highly recommend this dubbing.

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